Welcome to H.O.P.E.

Health, Opportunity, Peace & Education

H.O.P.E. began as a support group that was, and is still currently focused on health options, infinite opportunities during and after cancer, finding peace within, and continuing education.  We began this group under the premise of sharing information including new procedures in surgery and/or treatment, advances in pharmacology, alternative treatments/modalities, physicians locally and elsewhere, mental and emotional support, overcoming the fear and a place to come and be heard. 

Today, our H.O.P.E. Organization is helping cancer patients within our community with the financial and emotional burdens faced during treatment.  Most importantly we strive to educate and inspire women to take control of their healthcare and hope that we can collectively provide food for the soul! 

We have currently suspended our regular meetings in order to focus more on our outreach.  We are concentrating on more one-on-one with our members.  Additionally we are dedicated in our outreach efforts to educate women on preventing cancer through various modalities such as dietary changes, environmental adjustments, education and living a healthy whole-lifestyle.  We are also helping cancer patients navigate the healthcare system and connect with myriad resources for their particular needs. 

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